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Partner with Academia Today

Partner with Academia Today

Transform your educational offerings with Academia Global Virtual Education Leaning  Partnerships. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your district's educational goals.

Partner with Academia Today

Transform your educational offerings with Academia Global Virtual Education Leaning  Partnerships. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your district's educational goals.

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Virtual Learning Expands Choices and Opportunities 

Teacher Shortages are Solved with Academia’s Talented Online Instructors

This school year has been significantly impacted by an unprecedented shortage of teachers, leaving district administrators struggling to ensure an uninterrupted learning environment for their students. Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  is here to help by offering a comprehensive virtual or blended program through our all-in-one learning management system, staffed with our certified instructors to address the teacher shortages effectively.

The Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  provides robust online learning solutions throughout the school year and during summer sessions. Our offerings include a wide range of K-12 courses taught by state-certified teachers, live tutoring, and an embedded, live virtual classroom environment. Our highly qualified, content-certified teachers provide synchronous engagement opportunities across hundreds of K-12 state-aligned courses, encompassing core subjects, electives, life skills, and value-added tips.

By partnering with us, your district can ensure that students receive a high-quality education without disruption. Our comprehensive approach helps maintain academic continuity and supports student success in a flexible and adaptable learning environment.

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  help your district navigate these challenging times with our proven online learning solutions and dedicated teaching professionals.

·        All teachers host drop-in office hours for students at least three hours a week

·        Students may schedule a 1:1 appointment with a teacher for individual instruction

·        Teachers connect with students to ensure they are progressing through the course

·        Teachers grade assignments/portfolios and assign a final grade.




Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  can ensure your students don’t lose valuable learning opportunities because of a shortage of teachers.

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  offers state-certified teachers in the following states: Haryana , HP , Rajasthan , U.P , Punjab , Chandigrah , Delhi , MP , Bhiar ,


Empower Your Gifted Students and Students with Special Needs to Succeed

Is your district struggling to meet the diverse needs of special populations? We can help. At the Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  we understand that students with unique learning requirements can excel in a virtual environment. With decades of experience, Academia has consistently supported the individualized needs of students, including those with special needs and gifted students.

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  provides students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), offering a personalized academic experience tailored to their learning styles. Here’s how Pearson’s virtual education model empowers special population students to achieve success:

At Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  we are dedicated to helping every student reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn how we can support your district in meeting the needs of special populations.

Partner with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  to give your students the individualized support they deserve


Your Summer School Program : Freedom and Flexibility for Students

Summer school can be more than just a way to recover high school credits. Partnering with Pearson allows your district to offer an innovative and engaging summer school option through Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  . This program keeps students academically active while giving them the freedom to enjoy their summer. With flexible start and end dates, NIVS online summer school courses can fit seamlessly into your district's summer schedule.

Diverse Learning Opportunities for Every Student

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  offers over 100 online courses, catering to a wide range of student needs and interests. Whether high school seniors need math credits to graduate or parents are looking for summer enrichment for their kindergartners, our summer school programs have something for everyone.

Original Credit Courses
These courses help students meet graduation requirements, explore new interests, or accelerate their academic progress.

High School Credit Recovery Courses
Designed to help students master essential objectives and recover required credits, these courses include a pre-test to create a personalized learning pathway tailored to what each student has not yet mastered.

Honors and Advanced Placement® Courses
Available for Grades 9–12, these rigorous courses offer enrichment and the opportunity to earn honors and AP credits.

Elementary and Middle School Courses
Younger students can explore career interests, core concepts in English and math, or study a new language through engaging and interactive courses.

Summer Smarts Program
Expand your elementary and middle school students' skills with targeted summer learning activities.

College Prep for Student-Athletes
Academia  offers approved courses that help college-bound student-athletes build a strong academic foundation, preparing them for the expectations of college coursework.

Why Choose Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  for Your Summer Program?

Flexible Scheduling
With rolling start and end dates, our courses accommodate your district’s unique summer schedule, ensuring students can learn at their own pace.

Engaging and Affordable
Our program provides an engaging learning experience that is also affordable, making quality education accessible during the summer months.

Comprehensive Course Selection
From kindergarten to 12th grade, Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  has courses that cater to every student’s needs, whether for credit recovery, enrichment, or advanced placement.

Partner with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  and give your students the freedom and flexibility to stay academically engaged while enjoying their summer. With Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  your district can offer a summer school program that truly meets the diverse needs of K-12 students.


Flexible, Affordable, and Convenient Credit Recovery Solutions

Ensuring that students have the opportunity to retake courses required for graduation is critical not only for improving your district's overall graduation rate but, more importantly, for helping students secure better opportunities for their futures. Failure to complete high school is directly correlated with reduced employment opportunities, relegation to low-skill and low-paying positions, and diminished upward intergenerational mobility.

Credit recovery programs offered through your district can ensure students not only complete their high school requirements but also avoid delays in their graduation timeline. While the benefits of credit recovery are evident, school leaders face the challenge of implementing effective programs. Best practices indicate that offering a credit make-up program can bolster overall graduation rates, but not all programs are created equal. The timing and method of offering these recovery credits can create opportunity gaps among students. Designing a program that supports meaningful student success involves a flexible and convenient solution while maintaining curriculum quality and student support.

Through the Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  District Partnerships, you can tailor a credit recovery solution that meets the needs of your district’s students, providing them with every opportunity to overcome setbacks and succeed. With our prescriptive credit recovery courses, you can:

·        Provide Personalized Learning Paths: Create customized learning experiences for every student that fit any learning style, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to succeed.

·        Save Teachers Time: Our system automatically assigns content based on objectives yet to be mastered during the pre-assessment, freeing teachers to focus on providing targeted assistance where it is most needed.

·        Improve Graduation Rates: Re-engage dropouts and increase graduation rates, realizing a significant return on instructional investment.

·        Engage Students: Get students excited about learning with interactive and engaging courses that allow them to control the time, place, and pace of their education in a virtual high school setting.

·        Ensure Timely Graduation: Help students make up credits and graduate on time with their peers, preventing delays in their educational and career progression.

Partner with Academia to create a flexible, affordable, and convenient credit recovery program that empowers your students to succeed and supports the overall success of your district.

Comprehensive Virtual Learning Solutions for High School Students

Academia : Empowering Students to Succeed

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  offers a robust suite of online high school courses designed to help students recover lost credits and achieve mastery of essential academic objectives. Our proven virtual courses cater to various levels, personalized based on pre-test results to ensure targeted support for each student.

Learning Supported by Academia  Connexus

Academia Connexus combines the best features of a Learning Management System (LMS) with practical communication tools, creating a dynamic virtual classroom experience. Students, parents, and teachers can collaborate seamlessly 24/7 from any internet-connected device. Key features include:

Tailored District Partnerships

Our District Partnerships aim to support every student in overcoming barriers to graduation. We collaborate with districts to create flexible online programs tailored to meet the needs of underserved or struggling students, ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed. Our approach includes:

Homeschool Alternatives for Your District

Parents choose homeschooling for numerous reasons, including the desire for greater involvement in their child's education, the need for flexible scheduling, or addressing their child's physical or mental well-being.

District Online Programs: Retain and Reintegrate Students

Offering a district-run online program can retain students who might otherwise seek alternatives outside the district. Our virtual programs provide:

By launching or expanding your district's virtual learning options, you can maintain Average Daily Membership (ADM) and revenue while providing a high-quality education tailored to individual student needs. This approach not only supports current students but also attracts homeschooled students looking for a more structured yet flexible educational environment.

Why Choose Academia?

Embrace the future of education with Academia , and support your students in achieving their academic goals through innovative, flexible, and effective online learning solutions.

Student Athlete Education: Flexible Online Options

Online learning is an ideal solution for student athletes who face demanding training and competition schedules. Virtual education provides a flexible way for these students to learn from anywhere and at any time – whether at the rink before practice or while traveling for tournaments. Students competing at the professional or elite level find online learning particularly suitable for maintaining their education alongside their athletic commitments.

Benefits of Online Learning for Student Athletes:

Academia Partnership with Pearson: Through a partnership with Academia . Academia offers a wide range of quality, standards-based, and state-aligned courses tailored for student athlete education. This collaboration ensures your district can provide student athletes with:

Courses are NCAA approved when taught by Pearson teachers.

Addressing K-12 Enrollment Decline with Online and Blended Learning

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, K-12 enrollment in the Haryana. is projected to decline by 5% over the next decade. Factors such as decreased birth rates and population shifts contribute to this trend, along with the rising popularity of homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools.

To combat declining enrollment and recapture lost revenue, districts should consider implementing online and blended learning programs, which offer:

By proactively adopting online and blended learning, districts can maintain their Average Daily Membership (ADM), keeping school revenue neutral and potentially creating additional revenue streams.

Online Elementary School: Customized Learning Options

A traditional in-person classroom may not suit every elementary student. Some children benefit from flexible, customized learning experiences or face health and safety concerns that traditional education cannot address. Partnering with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  allows districts to offer a flexible virtual elementary school choice tailored to students' unique needs.

Benefits of Online Elementary School:

Enhancing Middle School Education with Online Options

Middle school is a critical transitional period that can shape a student's future learning experiences. Online education offers flexibility and additional support for students needing extra time to master concepts or seeking more advanced materials.

Benefits of Online Middle School:

Offering flexible online learning options can enhance the educational experiences of student athletes and other students with unique needs, helping districts address enrollment challenges and meet diverse student preferences.

Discover the Future of Education with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning 

Education is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Every student has unique needs and circumstances, and traditional high school settings may not always provide the best environment for every learner. Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  empowers districts to offer flexible, high-quality educational programs tailored to each student’s individual needs, all while pursuing a high school diploma.

Why Partner with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  ?

Comprehensive Course Offerings

Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  provides a broad range of state-aligned, standards-based courses, including foundational, honors, and Advanced Placement classes. With Academia-supported programs, your district can expand its curriculum to include:

Support for On-Time Graduation

Our online credit recovery courses are designed to help students stay on track for graduation. These prescriptive courses:

Flexibility for Working Students

Academia -supported online classes are perfect for students who need to balance work and school. Our flexible scheduling options allow students to:

Innovative Learning Solutions

We offer alternative online high school programs that cater to various learning needs, including:

Elevate Your District’s Educational Offerings with Academia

Partnering with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning  allows your district to provide a dynamic, flexible, and inclusive educational experience that meets the diverse needs of your students. Empower your students to succeed in a rapidly changing world with a high school education that adapts to their lives.

Join the future of education with Academia Globally Virtual Education Leaning 


Expanding Educational Opportunities Through Online Learning

As educational demands grow, traditional resources often struggle to keep pace. Innovative education leaders are increasingly turning to online and blended learning to bridge this gap, leveraging the vast potential of digital platforms to meet diverse student needs.

Pearson’s Comprehensive Online Learning Solutions

Pearson offers an extensive range of K-12 online courses designed to meet various instructional needs. Our proven, standards-based, state-aligned courses cater to a wide array of learning scenarios, including:

Diverse and Flexible Course Offerings

1.     Core Online Learning Courses

2.     Elective Online Learning Courses

3.     Advanced Distance Learning Courses

4.     Foundation Online Education Courses

5.     Credit Recovery Distance Learning Courses



Quality and Continuous Improvement

Our courses are rigorously aligned with state standards and continuously improved based on state assessments, user feedback, and evolving educational standards. This ensures that each course is clear, consistent, and incorporates a variety of learning modalities to engage diverse learners optimally.

Pathways for Every Learner

We offer courses at multiple levels to meet students where they are:

Comprehensive Support

Beyond curriculum, Academia  provides robust support and training for educators, ensuring successful implementation and optimal learning outcomes.

Join the Future of Education

Stay updated with our latest offerings and advancements through our news and events section. For terms and conditions and more details about our courses and services, please visit our website.

Embrace the future of education with Academia’s innovative online learning solutions, designed to expand opportunities and support every learner’s success


AcademiaMore than Just a Learning Management System

Academia is an educational management system (EMS) that surpasses the functionalities of a typical learning management system (LMS). It integrates practical communication tools to create a dynamic online classroom experience, fostering collaboration among parents, teachers, and students. This cloud-based platform offers a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that guides students through a rigorous curriculum while addressing their unique learning needs. With 24/7 access from any internet connection, the EMS ensures that educational resources are always available. Moreover, personalized district access through branded login pages and an intuitive dashboard for administrators and teachers enhance the management of student progress.

Administrator and Teacher Tools

Academia places personalized learning at its core, benefiting all stakeholders involved in virtual schools—administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Key features include:

Assessment Tools

Courses within Academia incorporate both formative and summative assessments. These assessments provide students with regular opportunities to review and practice concepts, culminating in a final evaluation to confirm mastery of lesson objectives. The system allows customization of student assessment settings to cater to individual needs.

Automatic Grading

Academia automates the grading of certain student work, automatically recording scores in the Gradebook. This automation allows teachers to dedicate more time to addressing students' individual needs. Despite the automatic grading, teachers can still offer personalized feedback on auto-graded assessments, ensuring students progress with confidence.

Communication Tools for Virtual Schools

The EMS includes various communication tools to maintain engagement among digital academy students throughout their learning journey. Features include:

Data Management and Reporting

Academia offers robust reporting capabilities to monitor student progress, enrollment information, data, and time spent on courses. Administrators and teachers can access and review detailed reports on demand. These reports can also be securely exported to meet various reporting requirements.

Student-Centered Online Learning

The EMS supports flexible scheduling and individualized learning paths:

LiveLesson Sessions

Teachers can conduct synchronous sessions with individual students or groups using various tools such as:

These sessions take place in a secure environment without requiring network installation. Each district has a unique web address for program access via a web browser.

Student Dashboards

Upon logging in, students arrive at a landing page displaying their active courses as graphic Course Tiles. Features include:


Academia  integrates essential functions and services to enhance students' academic experiences and performance, ensuring a supportive and collaborative online learning environment.


Elevate Your Virtual Learning Program with Specialized Support and Training

Professional Development for Teachers


Academia offers a comprehensive suite of training and support services to ensure educators and administrators are fully equipped to thrive in a virtual learning environment.

Training to Teach:  Academia IVS Professional Development for Teachers We provide extensive training for teachers, combining live, synchronous sessions with flexible, asynchronous activities. Our learning facilitators, specializing in digital instruction and platform-based individualized learning approaches, guide teachers through the following:

Teachers gain a robust understanding of the Academia platform, ensuring they are prepared to deliver high-quality virtual instruction.

Comprehensive Administrator Support and Training

Beyond Training to Teach: Support and Training for Administrators Academia provides specialized online training tailored for administrators, covering essential tools and tasks within Academia. Key training topics include:

Our Help Desk is available throughout the school year to provide troubleshooting, information, and guidance on platform functionality, Live Lesson accounts, procedures, and more.

Additional District Support

District Success Partner (DSP) Each district is assigned a DSP to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. The DSP:

Implementation Specialist Working alongside the DSP, the implementation specialist customizes the Academia domain to meet district-specific needs during the program startup phase.

Family Engagement Support

Empowering Families for Success We offer a variety of services to help families navigate online learning and support student success, including:

Synchronous Support for Students

LiveLesson Sessions

Academia offers weekly Live Lesson sessions for core courses, providing real-time direct instruction and interaction between teachers and students. These sessions use a market-leading web conferencing solution and include:

With these comprehensive training and support services, Academia ensures that teachers, administrators, families, and students are well-prepared for a successful virtual learning experience.

 Enhancing Learning Outcomes through Academic Support Programs

Academic support programs are essential in helping at-risk students improve their learning outcomes. These programs enhance the core curriculum with additional resources, modules, and strategies designed to foster student success. By addressing learning gaps and providing foundational knowledge and skills, these programs ensure that students can thrive in their academic environments. Below are different approaches, models, and solutions for implementing an effective academic support program.

Approaches to Academic Support

1.     Academic Remediation

2.     Acceleration

3.     Intervention

Academic Support Models

1.     Modular Model

2.     Compressed Model

3.     Corequisite Model

4.     Applied or Contextual Learning Model

5.     Pathways Model

6.     Integrated Reading & Writing Model

7.     Non-Course-Based Remediation Model

Solutions for Academic Support Programs

Educators can choose from various print and digital resources to implement student success plans effectively. Some options are ready-made for quick adoption, while others offer customization for more control over course design.

Print and eTextbooks

MyLab and Mastering


Additional Support Resources

For more information or to explore custom solutions, contact your Pearson representative.

By leveraging these approaches, models, and resources, academic support programs can significantly elevate learning outcomes for at-risk students, bridging gaps and paving the way for academic success.


Testing: Empowering Learners for Success

Academia stands at the forefront of educational assessment services in India, serving 15 states and numerous national organizations. In 2017, we delivered over 3 million tests, with a remarkable 1.5 million tests administered in just a single week during our peak testing period. At Academia, we place learning outcomes at the core of every assessment we design. Through innovative technology-enhanced items, performance-based assessments, and adaptive learning programs, we help measure and develop essential 21st-century skills in learners of all abilities.

The Role of Assessment in Education

Assessments play a critical role in addressing real-world measurement challenges and providing reliable information to guide educational decisions. Below are key areas where our assessments make a significant impact:

Automated Language Assessment

Our language tests provide immediate, actionable feedback to schools, corporations, and government agencies worldwide, accelerating language learning and proficiency.

Early Childhood Assessment

Our developmental assessments help parents, teachers, and daycare providers identify children at risk for learning difficulties and celebrate developmental milestones.

Formative Classroom Assessment

By using our formative assessments, educators gain insights into students' learning processes, knowledge, and areas needing improvement, allowing for personalized instruction.

Large-Scale Assessment

We collaborate with states and districts to develop next-generation assessment tools that are both affordable and accessible, ensuring every student benefits from high-quality assessments.

Post-Secondary Education Assessment

Our assessments and preparatory materials help students demonstrate the academic abilities, specialized knowledge, and English language proficiency necessary for college success.

PreK-16 Education & Special Needs Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment and intervention tools provide teachers and psychologists with a complete picture, enabling every learner to achieve their personal best.

Response to Intervention Screening & Monitoring

We offer valuable and understandable data to identify at-risk students early, monitor their progress, and differentiate instruction to meet their needs effectively.

Teacher Licensure Testing & Performance Assessment

Our custom teacher licensing and performance assessments ensure teacher quality by aligning with subject and pedagogy standards, benefiting students across the board.

At Academia, we are committed to enhancing educational outcomes through innovative and reliable assessment solutions. Our goal is to support learners and educators alike, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed.